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The DFN is a research project aiming to uncover the mysteries surrounding the formation of the solar system through the study of meteorites, fireballs and their pre-Earth orbits.


The DFN at Curtin University is a national distributed network of 52 disruption-tolerant and fully autonomous digital observatories that continually monitor 3 million square km of the night sky – a third of Australian skies, all night, every night.


Together with NASA the DFN is expanding to become a Global Fireball Observatory with 40 observatories internationally and a further 150 to be deployed in the next 12 months.


Using intelligent imaging systems, automated data reduction pipeline, real time server-side triangulation and supercomputer data management system, the DFN captures the paths of fireballs in the sky, triangulating trajectories from multiple viewpoints, linking the rock’s pre-Earth orbit to its landing site.


Spectre UAV Concepts have teamed up with the DFN to test whether UAV technology can be applied to further improve recovery efforts. Using the latest drone-mounted sensors, we aim to map the landing sites and help ground teams to target their searches more effectively.


Recovering these meteorites help address some of the biggest questions in planetary science: how our planetary system came into being, and how dust and gas produced a planet capable of supporting life – our Earth.


Stay tuned to see what we can help uncover….