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Our pristine safety record and experience operating in hazardous environments speaks volumes. Safety is our priority,  we hold ourselves to a high standard and will ensure that your project is completed on time, to expectations and without disruption to your normal operations.



Spectre UAV Concepts PTY LTD is a CASA Certified operator, undertaking routine training to ensure that our pilots keep up their flight hours and are knowledgeable on CASA regulations. We are authorized to conduct the operation of RPAs up to 150kg.

Our pilots have completed CASA certified training programs and each holds a remote pilot license. We are fully insured, backed by a $10 Million liability policy.


​Infraspection - Certified Infrared Thermographer

Unlike most other drone operators, our thermal imaging inspectors are certified by the Infraspection Institute for non-destructive testing. Recognised globally as the leading independent certification for thermographers, we conform to their strict standards and guidelines for conducting  and reporting on infrared inspections. We are also an affiliate member with the Certified Infrared Thermographer’s Association (CITA).

Click here to discover how we are using our thermal imaging systems!

Trust a certified operator to provide you with the detailed reports you need, just look for the infraspection logo.

CASA - Certified 
We follow the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA’s) operations manual and health and safety environment manual.


AAUS - Member

We’re an accredited operator under the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), which is Australia’s largest industry advocacy group for drone operators.

ACUO - Member

Through independent meetings with CASA, ACUO presents important industry perspectives to the aviation regulator, discusses regulatory issues of importance to certified UAV Operators and provides high-level advice & recommendations on a range of issues the industry needs to address as a matter of priority.


Our operators have 10+ years’ experience working on various projects in the construction and mining industry, adhering to some of the strictest safety standards. 


Prior to every flight, a comprehensive risk assessment (JHA) is undertaken, with both client requirements and CASA regulations taken into account.


We handle ALL permits and permissions required from CASA and other governing bodies.


Where required we can provide aircraft that are equipped with additional levels of redundancy:

In place of the standard - 4 motors, single GPS and single battery, we can provide UAVs equipped with 6 motors, 3 GPS units and 6 batteries. This set-up allows for the complete failure of two batteries/motors/GPS units whilst allowing our operators to maintain full control and  safely land the aircraft.

We are always happy to answer any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!