• Chris Haikings

Trail Blazing UAV Tech - The Hunt for Meteorites

Spcetre UAV Concepts are pleased to announce our recent partnership with the Desert Fireball Network, a scientific research group at Curtin University. Through a network of cameras and sensors, the DFN will detect a meteorite and localise the landing site. Working with ground teams we will test various imaging, mapping and machine learning techniques to increase the efficiency of the recovery process.

This is an exciting project for us and just goes to show how versatile these machines really are. There are new applications for this technology being dreamed up every day and we are thrilled to be involved in another venture at the leading edge of our industry.

Rapid data capture and accurate analytics are driving up productivity across industries. Stay tuned for future updates...

Follow this link for more information on the Desert Fireball Network and this one to learn more about Spectre UAV!