• Chris Haikings

Ultra-High Def Aerial Imaging Rig Unveiled

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Our Photographic Department jumps at any opportunity to get this rig in the air! Here's why!

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Thanks to the recent advances in UAV technology we have been able to put together a very unique rig allowing us to create images and footage never thought possible with drones.

Most professional drone systems, sensors and lenses included, are developed solely by the drone manufacturers themselves. Whilst the manufacturers are extremely innovative with their drone designs, the drones are really only as good as the camera and lens they have on it. With the main focus of these companies being to produce easy to use drones the image quality just can not compete at all with the likes of camera and lens companies that have been refining their craft for decades and it’s unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

For this reason any run of the mill DSLR and kit lens would surely be an improvement on most pro drone setups. But.. We aren’t a run of the mill company, we had a concept to put together a first of its kind setup that is currently unmatched in Australia. Combining camera and lens technology from Sony, Nikon and Sigma with some cutting edge engineering in January 2018 that concept came to fruition. While there are some more specialised drones that might match us on some aspects mentioned below and some companies have 4 or 5 separate drones to cover all these issues. Our one setup

covers everything! We just can’t be beat on efficiency.

sony a7r3, a7riii, spectre uav concepts

Here's the rundown

Move the slider on the image above to see the difference in quality