It is vital during the construction process that all parties involved are kept current with changes and progress on site. This is especially true if operating in a remote location. We offer aerial and ground-based imaging services to help your team track project development. This allows potential issues to be foreseen, visualized and mitigated earlier, avoiding costly re-works.


Our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services can greatly benefit office-based design teams, allowing them to navigate the site in 3D as it develops. This greatly eases conformance checks between real world installation and approved design. Regular model / map updates allow teams to adapt and amended designs based on accurate, reliable and measurable information, helping to avoid expensive oversights and errors.

We also find that the information we gather from our UAV systems is a great way to communicate progress with stakeholders and can provide essential, current data to remote project teams.



Our in-house 2D and 3D CAD capabilities allow us to take your aerial data one step further. Our department lead has over 10 years experience in CAD applications and 6 years as a mechanical designer for the construction industry. We truly understand how drone technology can be best used to increase efficiency and accuracy from the design phase to completion. Speak to us today  to find out how we can make a difference.


We can turn your plans into a virtual 3D model. Combining these capabilities with aerial data gathered during construction, we are able to help you plan and monitor project progress at regular intervals or at key stages of the build.





Flying repeatable missions at regular intervals, our high-resolution stills are stitched together to generate map of your site. Carrying out these flights over the lifespan of your project can help monitor progress, improve scheduling, plan changes and ease communication. keeping both site and office-based teams informed.


We can generate geo-located image overlays of your site plans to help ensure your build remains on track and conforms to your approved design. Our outputs will integrate directly with your in house CAD applications giving your design and management teams access to current, accurate site data.



A time-lapse is a great way to get a quick overview of progress and can be a valuable marketing tool. We can fly identical missions at regular intervals and create a construction video from earthworks to finished build.



Static images of issues on site are often missing key information, difficult to place or completely impossible to identify. 360° imaging offers the user an immersive experience, allowing the freedom to look around and get their bearings. A series of these images in combination with our 2D mapping service can help keep office-based teams up to speed with developments on site.


With our professional photographer behind the controls of our cinema-grade heavy-lifting UAV we can produce stunning, eye-catching media for use as a powerful marketing tool. Visit our Imaging page for more.