Photogrammetry is not a new concept by any means. In 1849, Aimé Laussedat used a camera suspended from kites to create topographic maps. Today, thanks to advances in technology, we use UAVs to create photo-realistic 3D models and high precision orthomosaic maps that can be used to plan and document your projects.

Our maps and models can be made ready for import into any CAD software. Whether you need an object scanned for rapid prototyping/reverse engineering or a 3D photo-realistic model of an entire construction site, we have you covered. Understanding your project and desired outcome allows us to tailor our services to best suit your needs.



We have in-house CAD capabilities and expertise in a number of 3D and 2D applications. Our department lead has over 10 years’ experience in CAD applications and 6 years as a mechanical designer for the construction industry. We offer more than aerial imagery, we will provide you with a useful deliverable.


You can also visit our Construction Monitoring page to discover how we can help you keep your project on track.


Our 42mp Full-Frame sensor (twice that of a standard UAV) and zoom-able distortion free pro lens, enable us to capture unparalleled detail creating accurate, high resolution 3D models.

We pride ourselves on our in-house processing capabilities. Retaining full control over the work flow allows us to produce better results with increased quality and accuracy over cloud-based alternatives. This allows us to protect any sensitive data and provide you with a useful, functional delvierable.


UAV technology can save time and money throughout a project. From initial terrain modeling through to the production of ‘as-built’ models, we can help you to track, monitor and plan projects providing design teams with accurate, real-time information.


Do you need a digital record of existing assets? we can help document and monitor any existing installations allowing for better planning and preventative maintenance.

We offer customized plans to suit your needs.